2023 Youth Experiences

2023 Youth Experiences

Have you ever dreamed about playing professional soccer or experiencing soccer in another culture?  

Don't miss this special opportunity for youth players and teams to come and experience the game of soccer from an international perspective right in your own backyard!  The New York Magic is a women's soccer team composed of semi-professional and amateur players from different countries who come together to play in New York for the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) season. Come and experience female soccer playing role models and get some new and creative ideas for elevating your own game!

Contact the New York Magic at: nymagicmarketing@gmail.com or call: 212-447-0932 to set up an opportunity for your child or team today!  Don't miss out on a great opportunity to learn about the game firsthand.

Our 2023 youth experiences include:

Ball Kids - a great opportunity to see UPSL women's semi-pro / high level amateur soccer action at field level.  Help keep the game active by getting it to the Magic and their opponents when it goes out of bounds.

Player Escorts - walk out with the Magic players or their opponents on to the field for pre-game player introductions and the national anthem.  This is a great way to experience what it feels like to be a professional soccer player.

Spirit Tunnel - form a human tunnel to greet the players and give them high fives as they come onto the field for pre-game player introductions.  Beware, as this is an extreme form of fun!

Half time Mini-Games - play a mini-game across the field at half time and have your players and team experience the home crowd! Mini-games can be set up as intrasquad scrimmages or we can match opponents of similar ages and ability levels.

Birthday Partiescelebrate your birthday at a New York Magic game!  Bring your own goodies and take a special birthday photo with the NY Magic team pre-game.  We will also announce your birthday over the P.A. system at half-time for all spectators in the stands to hear.