NY Magic Reserves team post-game report

Win over Rovers (October 8th 2012)

Rashidah Sherman is a rockstar Day---based on the 2 beautiful goals that she scored against Rovers to win the game--or  Andi Skinner is a rockstar Day for her steady defensive consistency against a strong Rovers forward???    

Christina Lafebre gave Rash the beautiful assist for goal 1 and Ericka Lum took the shot that ricocheted off the post to confuse the keeper, as Rash ran onto it and scored goal 2.  All of this happened in the second half.....even though we were dominating most of the game.

The supporting cast was good too!   Good, effective play from Carina, Candice, Alicia (aka Liberty of Statute),  and Christina.  Really overall, it was a pretty good team effort.  Aston, fyi, Rashidah scored goal 1 on a break away.....Rash just ran past their defender like the girl was standing still.....it was cool to watch! Goal 2 Ericka created by taking the shot---like I told her to lol, lol----hit the post and bounced out----and Rash jumped on it!